This site is dedicated to the scientific calculator, the history of mathematics and some philosophical discussions that relate to the scientific calculator. The site also has detailed descriptions and photos of some scientific calculators, which I have found interesting. The section entitled "A Detailed look at the HP Classic Series: 35, 45, 55, 65, and 67" is a good place to learn a little about the functions of some of the finest early machines

The sections concerning mathematics have been written to provide the visitor with a background of some of the general mathematical constructs and advancements, which lead to the development of the scientific calculator. I have tried to keep the theory and axioms to a minimum and I have chosen to emphasize some of the historical building blocks and events. I have also tried to be a little light hearted: take a look at "Hey, A Little Math won't kill you, yeah right...." or "Where in hell did sexagismal numbers come from?"

If you are interested in the background of some of the mathematics used to derive algorithms for calculators or if you are having trouble falling asleep, try wading through the section on Table and Cordic methods in Numeric Calculations.

If you would like to learn a little bit about the accuracy of a scientific calculator check out the "Basic functions, accuracy, precision and machine number representations"